Communication through Graphic Design | Wellington

Our creative design skills keep your message crystal clear

With our expertise we create a clean visual design. We incorporate smart font choices and simple layouts, to clarify the message that you want to communicate to your customers.

We focus on how you want them to feel about your product, service, or information.

We recognise that people want to engage with a brand that resonates strongly with them at an emotional level. Professionally designed icons, diagrams, infographics will strengthen your communication using visual elements. We know that official messages require a design approach that matches the gravity of the content. Furthermore people retain 80% of what they see.

There’s more to graphic design than creating a communication with visual appeal. Most importantly is the type of message, and who the message is intended to reach. For example, designing a communication for a new clothing line requires a different approach from designing communications to inform and educate communities about issues that affect their wellbeing.

How we work – providing customised solutions

We’ll start your visual communication design project by fully understanding what you want to achieve. This helps us choose the right imagery, fonts, layouts and approach to deliver recognisable, key messages to your clients.

Need expert help with your visual communications project?

Our communication design service includes:

  • Infographics
  • Diagrams
  • Customised icons
  • Illustrations
  • Typography
  • Photographic imagery
“Lynn can take a disparate idea/concept and turn it into something that is considerably better than you could ever think possible.”