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Whitestone Fashion Boutique

Whitestone Boutique is an Auckland based fashion store. Hannah, the owner, specialises in retailing statement garments that allow shoppers to create their own personal fashion style.

Hannah was in the process of creating a start-up online fashion store. She needed both a brand and an e-commerce website designed.

The Whitestone logo was designed with digital media in mind. We also created a monogram, related to the logo, that could be used as an icon within digital media. We chose black as the brand colour, to avoid the potential for on or off-trend colours in the fashion market. We used a classic typeface that evokes quality, elegance and timelessness.

Customer response:

“Being new to starting a business, Lynn made the whole experience of identifying a brand and designing a logo easy! Lynn is wonderful to work with and her work is produced to the highest of standards. Lynn absolutely hit the nail on the head with what I had in mind! She has designed a beautiful brand and logo that I am very proud of. Can’t thank her enough!”

~ Hannah | Owner | Whitestone Boutique