“Lynn can take a disparate idea/concept and turn it into something that is considerably better than you could ever think possible.”

Gelarto Holdings was a new business that hadn’t commenced trading. The plan was to open a gelato and kiwi art shop in the main street of Greytown, selling Kaffee Eis gelato, and a range of original art from local and New Zealand artists.


As Gelarto was still in the concept and development phase, there was a need to develop both a brand for the business and to develop in-house and marketing material which could be used to promote the shop once opened. Graham wanted imagery which was sympathetic to the heritage of Greytown and which clearly articulated that the shop sold both gelato and kiwi art.


The initial challenge was to develop a logo which incorporated both the gelato and art elements of the business. The logo needed to look like it had been in existence for a number of years while having the flexibility to be used in different forms for a number of merchandising ideas Graham had.


We started the process with Graham, locating images on the internet which conveyed an old style image of an ice cream parlour that represented the look and feel he was after.

The approach to the logo design and graphic elements was to take traditional graphic styles and fonts, and design them to work with contemporary media – print, signage and digital media for a wide variety of end uses.

Consideration was given to how these elements could be used in isolation, or together, for a consistent brand that communicated the values of service, quality and generosity; wrapped in a heritage feel.

Using graphics of equal emphasis to communicate both gelato and original kiwi art was important, understanding that initial interest would come from customers wanting to purchase gelato. This was achieved using a paint daub that doubled as gelato, and supporting ovals clearly communicating both aspects of the business. The clever misspelling of gelato also an opportunity to highlight this combination.

Graham's Response

“From my first engagement with Lynn, Lynn made the process easy and seamless. Lynn has been instrumental in all the design elements of the new shop. During the process (approximately 8 months) Lynn has shown a real talent in design and ensuring that my wacky ideas remain true to the brand she created on my behalf.

Lynn can take a disparate idea/concept and turn it into something that is considerably better than you could ever think possible. Lynn listens and is always willing to consider new ideas and new approaches. I found Lynn easy to relate to and if you are looking for a graphic designer, brand guru, I would highly recommend you use the services Lynn provides!”

Owner, Gelarto Holdings

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