BSI People Skills

The project’s objective included tying all marketing materials into a clear brand identity.

BSI People Skills run workshops and provide training for businesses and individuals, transforming organisations, developing leadership and teams. Along with some specific training packages, BSI People Skills offer customised training aimed to address the most pressing needs of managers and business teams in today’s workplace – the aim is to get the best results for people in the organisation.


Cathy at BSI People Skills already had a well-established brand, but wanted to introduce imagery or graphics to differentiate her business from her competitors. A need to tie all marketing materials into a clear brand identity was a significant aspect of the project’s objective.


The challenge was to find a graphic that tied in well with the BSI People Skills brand, and which was memorable and could be utilised and customised for various end uses. We wanted to steer away from office situation graphics commonly used within this sector.


To keep within budget, we chose a royalty-free graphic and customised the colours to tie in with the BSI People Skills brand palette. The graphic needed to represent people in the workplace, while taking care not to present stereotypes. A vector graphic was chosen that could be edited to fit with a wide range of end uses well into the future. Icons and other graphics were introduced alongside this key imagery.

We also produced marketing and communication pieces for BSI People Skills to use at business expos, for brochures, and social media content, providing memorable visual communication as part of the brand character.

Cathy's Response

“I love the work that Lynn has done for me. It instantly helped give a much more professional look and feel to my business, enabling me to feel proud of my brand. I love the way she has enabled the consistency of my branding across all channels, that is fresh, different, and best of all, mine.

Lynn is a pleasure to work with. Her ideas are fresh, well thought out, and she is absolutely professional. Lynn has a great eye for design. When I’ve not been sure of an initial concept, Lynn has listened to my concerns, tried other things, and often I’ve ended up coming back to something very close to the initial concepts – they just work! I highly recommend her!”

Cathy Sheppard
Founder, BSI People Skills

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