Brand Design Wellington

Strong brand design embodies the personality of your business

We’ll work with you to develop your brand design, including visual identity, and company logo design. We have a solid marketing focus, and know how important brand integrity is. There’s no room for false claims and false promises in today’s markets, so carefully constructed, honest branding is the key to establishing a sustainable future for your brand.

"Having been in business for a couple of years I was in need of a new brand identity and logo. Lynn made the whole experience easy creating a wonderfully stylish and elegant logo that I now feel proud of. I am one very happy  customer!!"

Sue Boleyn Owner, Tudor Manor

Your brand is the personality you give to your products or services. It is your perceived image as a whole, embracing business values and associated emotions.

“Consistent, emotive branding is effective branding.”

Building a brand takes time. It requires an understanding of your brand persona. Your brand needs to be strongly associated with the people or businesses you are providing solutions for.

Understanding brand personality and identifying with your customers will help you connect and engage with the individuals or businesses that benefit most from your products and services.

We develop brands that move with the times

As markets evolve, your brand evolves. We understand that your brand needs to develop and grow to meet changes within your target market, but not to the point that it becomes unrecognisable to your existing customer base.

We’ll listen to you and learn about your business. With this understanding, we’ll identify the aspects of your business that shine above the competition. We’ll develop your brand design with these points of difference in mind and express them to your market.

We focus our brand design and development on the users of products or services, and reach out to the core needs of our clients’ customers.

Visual identity & company logo design

When we’re developing the personality of your brand, we bring together visual aspects associated with it, such as colours, fonts and imagery.

Regularly revisiting your visual identity will keep it strong, recognisable, and consistent with your core values, allowing any inconsistencies that could be confusing or misleading to be reined in.

Is it time to test the freshness and relevance of your brand? We recommend taking time out to reassess your brand at least once a year.

Your company logo is often the first thing about your business that people notice. It’s the iconic representation of your business, product or brand. We focus on logo design that instantly identifies your brand across all your marketing materials, and online.

Our Wellington brand design work covers:

  • Brand creation
  • Brand development
  • Visual strategy
  • Visual identity design
  • Logo design
  • Identity guidelines
  • Brand packages
  • Communications

Looking for a Wellington designer with flair and experience to develop your brand ?