Visual Communication Design

Our creative design skills keep your message crystal clear

There’s more to graphic design than creating an advertisement with visual appeal – though we do love inventing design that turns heads! What’s of basic importance is the type of message, and for whom the message is intended. For example, designing an advertisement for a new clothing line requires a different mindset from designing communications to inform and educate communities about issues that affect their wellbeing.

We focus on creating clean design with smart font choices and simple layouts that contribute to the message you want to communicate to your customers, especially how you want them to feel about your product, service, or information.

We recognise that people want to engage with a brand that communicates strongly with them on an emotional level. We also understand that official messages require graphic design that matches the gravity of the content.

Wellington graphic design that breeds enthusiasm

We want you to love your brand and everything you produce around it – from your email signature to a full marketing campaign.

It gives us a great deal of satisfaction when we understand your customers, and successfully embody your values in our graphic design. We love seeing clients who are proud of their brand and whose business is growing.

We ensure that our graphic design reflects your intentions

We’ll start your graphic design project by fully understanding what you want to achieve. A clear knowledge of your intentions will help us choose imagery, fonts and layouts that tie in with your branding, and feed your audience recognisable, key messages. We’ll match your objectives with the needs of your audience to create graphic design that’s consistently “you” across all your print and web collateral.

"I have used the services of Freshfields Design for the past 10 years. I have always found Lynn to be approachable and solution focused. The relationship which has formed over the past 10 years has been important as Lynn understands how our company operates and how our decision process works. This is very important when we are sometimes under pressure and require Lynn to take the lead. Lynn always considers our previous decisions and can always come up with the correct solution. Freshfields Design has worked on public image, advertising, and printing requirements. So Lynn’s support to our company has been varied. When Freshfields moved from Wellington to Christchurch, we stayed using the company, this has proven that we can operate successfully together even when we were operating in different cities."

Simon Manning Director, Harbour City Funeral Home

Our toolbox of graphic design services in Wellington includes:

  • Logos
  • Icons
  • Diagrams
  • Infographics
  • Illustrations
  • Typography
  • Photographic imagery

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