Tocker Associates

“The brand was developed to allow the business to communicate their values and benefits more clearly.”
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Tocker Associates provides leadership consultancy services. The company specialises in leadership development and all aspects of strategic planning.


Initially Freshfields worked with Tocker Associates to produce printed workbooks for their clients. This collateral is used at the customised workshops they offer.

As the relationship built, we began looking at the brand and whether it was still current with the market Tocker was working within. It was recognised that while the brand was relevant to long-time clients, it was not so appealing to new and potential clients, particularly in the private sector.


The company is led by Ali Tocker, who is highly respected, and has professional experience spanning 20 years. We wanted to slowly ease away from Ali herself being “the brand”, and transfer her values to the company, allowing for more growth and focusing on the specialists within the company as a whole.


The brand was developed to allow the business to communicate their values and benefits more clearly. The logo was refreshed with minor changes and a total rebuild of the website undertaken to ensure the content matched brand values and the full range of services available.

Getting the content right was the best starting point for this project, as the process enabled Tocker to reassess their business strategies and objectives, and build in a solid SEO platform on their new website to enable organic growth.

We used new imagery to bring in emotive brand values, providing a point of difference to set the company apart from competitors.

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