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Graphic Designer

Lynn O’Shea

Freshfields Graphic Design business owner Lynn O’Shea has more than 25 years’ experience as a graphic designer. She has worked at an advertising agency, with design studios, and in her own business.

Lynn knows the design trade inside and out, and understands the level of service and expertise clients expect from design professionals. Primarily, clients expect a measurable return on their design budget. They want their graphic designer to produce work that not only looks and feels just right, but which also achieves results for their business.

With Freshfields, Lynn has created a design business that works across all platforms to deliver high-quality, customer-centred outcomes.

Lynn is an expert listener and works with clients to achieve their desired vision. She provides her clients with clear communications throughout a project.


Design project management

Our team can sort your entire project

Freshfields co-ordinates a team of professionals to provide a full design project management service, with a customised pool of talent and resources to meet your needs and budget.

As the creative director, Lynn oversees all aspects of the work, ensuring that your brand remains true across all elements of a project – from typefaces, to the tone of the communication or key messages, and appropriate imagery.

Lynn’s extensive experience allows her to navigate technical aspects of design and communicate with you in plain language. She includes you in the design process and keeps you fully informed, so you can control your project at all times.

Freshfields can bring everything together – from concept to delivery – to produce design project outcomes that contribute to measurable business growth.

We can achieve this through:

  • Project management
  • Marketing strategy
  • Creative direction
  • Brand assessment
  • Print and digital collateral.
“Lynn has been professional and a problem solver in brand development, logo design and graphics. A keen eye for detail, honest, friendly, and easy going nature are words that fit easily into the description of Lynn, and her company.”

User-friendly design

Great design puts the experience of users first

Our design work focuses on optimising the user interface – where your product or service interacts with your customers. This emphasis is about more than promoting the value of a brand at a particular stage of the buyer journey – it puts user-friendly design and customer intentions at the centre of our creative strategy.

Great user interface design results in products and services that are presented well – they look and feel right for customers. Products and services designed with the user in mind attract customers and present them with an engaging web or print experience.

"As a spatially challenged writer, I need the skills of a graphic designer from time to time, and Lynn has provided those skills. My brief may not always be clear but once I see a draft I’m full of ideas! Lynn accepts my growing certainty around what I want and always adapts positively. Together, we get an excellent result in a collegial atmosphere. This is an ideal working partnership."

The cornerstone of effective user-friendly design is understanding the persona of the customer, so we can put ourselves in their shoes before we begin the design process. How can we help your customers get what they want, when they want it, and how they want it?

Knowing how your customers might think and what they like while navigating your website or reading your catalogue makes it easy and enjoyable for them to find what they’re looking for. And happy customers are more inclined to make a purchase.

We bring our experience with user-friendly design into the forefront of project strategies. Genuinely understanding your customers’ needs and pain points, and actively making sure these are catered for in design will put your business ahead of the competition.

Everyone benefits from design that focuses on creating a great user experience.

"Lynn O’Shea is contract designer who has worked for us for many years. Her work is always of the highest standard, creatively and technically. Lynn has produced scores of books for the education market along with a wide range of advertising material. She is very easy to work with, listens carefully, asks questions, is open to suggestions and has a keen eye for detail. Lynn’s work is always well thought through, innovative and beautifully designed. She is very experienced and professional and I would highly recommend her for design work."