Design and Marketing Tips

Primarily this section is provided as a light resource centre that looks at marketing basics with some resources we hope are useful, and posted articles to explore new ideas or stimulate fresh focus on marketing direction (something that is constantly under review!).

It is by no means a comprehensive look at marketing and therefore intended for those who do not have access to marketing consultants or a marketing team, but have a desire to gain snap-shot tips and ideas to think about, with some links to more in-depth understanding if you wish to pursue this.

We are not reinventing the wheel as there are many good articles to find, we have therefore collected them here for easy access.

Marketing Minute is included with permission of the author.

Design considerations

We will also include some design articles to help with understanding the design process and what you are getting for your marketing spend.

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The Marketing Minute

by Marcia Yudkin

Marketing Expert and Mentor


Richer Customer Stories

If you already have customer testimonials, with just a little time and effort you can turn them into in-depth case studies.
Identify blurbs that represent a valued client type or that indicate a certain need was satisfied.  Ask those buyers:

What was the problem or goal that prompted you to buy from us?

How did buying from us satisfy that need or want?

Why were we better than other options you considered or tried before?

How are things easier or better for you now?

Use follow-up questions to elicit specific details.  Write up each problem-solving story in paragraph form, accompanied by the customer’s photo.  Announce each new case study on social media.

When you repeat this process with different themes or customer segments, you’re able to show how buying from you fits in with a range of people’s lives.  Prospective buyers who see people like them in your case studies understand that you do more than simply sell products or services.  You play an important role in people’s daily routines or
cherished aspirations.